• ApogeeBio programme is strictly open to international mobility toward Genopole campus
  • As an applicant, it is your responsibility to contact first the hosting teams herein below according to the research field to propose a project, then you can apply on ApogeeBio submission platform 


The programme is intended to enhance and stimultate the international mobility toward Genopole biocluster.
In order to apply to the ApogeeBio fellowship programme, the applicants have to demonstrate that they are responding to the following binding eligibility criteria presented in the table below. ⬇️ 

It will be also the responsibility of the hosting team to check that the application of the candidate is in line with the requirements.

DiplomaOn the date of application, the candidate should be in possession of a PhD degree or have 4 yearsexperience as researcher; he/she must have at least one publication in the first 3 authors (either accepted, in press or published).
SeniorityCandidates can apply within 4 years from obtaining their PhD degree or from the end of their 4 years research experience. This time limit is considered at the application deadline and is extended by one year per pregnancy, parental leave or national service.
Research TopicsTotal freedom is given to the applicant to design the research project and to choose the most appropriate host institution among partners
Mobility rules
Researchers must not have resided or carried out their main activity (work, studies, research mobility, internships....) in the country of the recruiting beneficiary for more than 12 months, successive or not, in the 3 years immediately before the application deadline. Compulsory national service, short stays such as holidays, and time spent as part of a procedure for obtaining refugee status under the Geneva Convention are not considered in this mobility rule, they are allowed. A declaration of honour on mobility rules will be requested.
NationalityThe call is open to researchers of any nationality
Formal proposal criteria
  • Any application after the precise date and hour of deadline will be ineligible.
  • Completeness of the application
  • Application submitted in English
  • Only one application per call and per fellow  


In order to apply to the call, applicants must register to the submission platform and complete their file on-line.
Registration on the  submission system  is mandatory, however you can have the requirements of the application file content below. ⬇️
Once this step is taken, the applicant can sign up to the confidential area of the website and submit the application. 

The complete application, written in English, is composed of: 

  • The candidate’s extended CV  (to be submitted on-line)  will contain all basic information including personal information, education background (undergraduate, doctorate and other degrees), research and/or trainer activities, track record…  
  • The research proposal  will be composed of the following parts (10 pages max. to be submitted on-line)
  • Publishable abstract and key-words up to 5 (1 page max.)
  • Description of the project including background and aims, methodologies, figures and references, significance and scientific soundness compared to the current knowledge and state of the art (9 pages max.

  • A personal statement (maximum 2 page – no template, free writing) on how do you fit with the hosting team that you identified, including: 
    • General motivation for participating in the programme within the hosting team: what will you get from them and what will you bring to them in terms of competencies or expertise?
    • Activities envisaged with the hosting team as academic or private collaboration, career development plan
  • Reference letters: 2 reference letters must be included. Each referee will submit a letter concerning the applicant previous research activities and the applicant’s research capacity and working experience. 
  • Ethical declaration: A check list and guidelines from the EU Horizon 2020 provided to identify ethical matters relating to their research proposal. A table will be provided to the applicants. 
  • Copy of PhD certificate or equivalent document stating on the 4 years research experience